What Is Preventive Care?

Women have health issues that are unique to their gender. Making sure that they have the unique health tests and care that they require is what preventive care is all about. Our providers at Comprehensive Wellness Care provides preventive care in Chicago, IL.


A mammogram is a breast cancer screening test. It is recommended yearly for women of average risk beginning at age 45. Optionally, if a woman prefers, the test can begin at age 40. If you are at higher risk, your doctor may recommend that you begin even earlier. After 55, the recommendation is every other year. After age 74, it is optional but still recommended if you can expect to live an additional 10 years. For women at high risk, an MRI may be recommended. 

Pap smear

A pap smear is a test for cervical cancer that is done in the doctor's office. The doctor takes a scraping from the cervix so that it can be tested. They are looking for cancer and precancerous cells. 

Pregnancy test

If you want an accurate pregnancy test, you can get a blood test from your gynecologist, who can give you the information you want. This type of test is the most accurate. 

Breast examination

A breast examination is preventive care that you can provide for yourself. It is recommended that you do a self-examination. It should be done monthly at the same time of the month. Your gynecologist will also do a manual breast examination when you get your yearly exam. Self-examination can be a life saver. 

Birth control

Birth control comes in many forms but all of them can be considered preventive care. Whether it is birth control pills or an IUD, by having that important talk with your gynecologist. Together you can come up with the option that works best for you to prevent pregnancy. 

Bone density test

Women are particularly vulnerable to osteoporosis. When getting preventive care in Chicago, IL, a bone density test should begin at about 65 years of age as a way to prevent bone density loss. 

Colon cancer screening

While colon cancer is not just a women's health issue, getting a baseline colonoscopy is recommended for women between the age of 45-50. This is then repeated at regular intervals depending on what is found during the test. 

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